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I decided to launch Seeing Double in response to the election of Donald Trump to the most powerful office in the world. I write from the perspective of a journalist who is also a historian, a woman who is also a lesbian, and as a white Canadian whose parents were immigrants to this country, one that happens to share the world’s longest undefended border with one of the most influential empires in history. I will make regular observations about unfolding events, linking to specific stories from the news and from our past. My purpose is to try to contextualize this new world order.

I am a Canadian National Magazine Award-winning journalist. I teach as a sessional instructor at the Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto, where I have taught a fact checking and media verification course since 2011, as well as other courses. I also teach in Ryerson’s Masters of Journalism program. I have a masters in History from Toronto’s York University, where my major research project, Breaking the News by Following the Rules, examined the history of Canadian war correspondents. I am also a full-time PhD student at York (ABD) where I am researching my dissertation The Art of Forgetting: Canada and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic.

As a journalist, and as someone who teaches fact checking, it is important to me to get it right. That said, I know I will make mistakes. It isn’t possible to adequately fact-check your own work, no matter how careful you are. And this is a one-woman operati0n. Though I hope to include other historians and journalists as expert guest bloggers, I am not able to hire any fact checkers. I can’t even hire myself. This is purely voluntary. So, in the interests of precision and transparency, I include a corrections section in the main menu. I invite constructive criticism. Please post any errors you find as a comment and I will regularly run corrections.

Kate Barker, November 12, 2016

website: www.katebarker.com

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